God is Holy * ( de 3 X)

The Bible never says that God is love, love love.

And it never says that God is merciful, merciful, merciful. But it does say God is holy, holy, holy. And the repetition is important, very important. You want to know what God is–who God is? God is holy. And if there was ever a message we needed to hear in America today, it’s that.

– Paul Washer

It seems to me that persecution never hurts the Church and prosperity always does.

piper-pic.jpg This is the meaning of the word “propitiation” in . . . Romans 3:25. It refers to the removal of God’s wrath by providing a substitute. The substitute is provided by God Himself. The substitute, Jesus Christ, does not just cancel the wrath; He adsorbs it and diverts it from us to Himself. God’s wrath is just, and it was spent, not withdrawn.

– John Piper


Despre Ioan Alexandru G

soț,tată,misionar,predicator al Evangheliei,pasionat de citit si fotografie.
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