that’s my everyday prayer

I think that first is God and then as all we should do is to try to see everybody through Christ’s eyes, and that is wonderful, to know that a person is loved and changed as God would like to.

Doamne iti multumesc ca mi-ai descoperit acest ideal
SI acest ideal poate fi atins prin puterea TA.

What do you think about this quote ?

„A woman’s heart should be so hidden
in Christ Heart that a man should
have to seek HIM first to find her”

1.One part of its meaning is that a woman should be fully involved in her faith in Christ and be seeking Christ’s help in choosing her mate. If a woman puts seeking a mate before her own relationship with Christ she will not likely find the man Christ would want for her.

If a woman is deeply in love with Christ the men who seek her company will either join her in her love of Christ or move away because such devotion to Christ will convict a man of superficial relationship to Christ.

Just remember, there are no perfect men and no perfect women. That’s why I try to put my faith in Christ ahead of my faith in my husband. My spouse isn’t perfect; I’m sure not either. But Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever. He is consistent. The more I love Christ, the better my marriage usually goes!

alt raspuns…

2.You have to trust God to provide you with a mate.

3.Simply that any man who wants her for his would have to be a follower of Christ himself. In other words, she would not be available to any man who was not a believer in Christ.

4.You should be more into serving god than looking for a man,
If that is what you need HE will provide that.
By giving you the mate you deserve so that you both may pray and serve god as he so wished

there is that saying
the family that stays together prays together


Despre Ioan Alexandru G

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Un răspuns la that’s my everyday prayer

  1. Yobediah zice:

    a woman should be so buried in Christ heart, that a man has to seek God to find her…:) incepeti sa sapati de pe acum, start digging boys…time is near 🙂


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