what means worship? a) discipline…

Worship when?

Happy Moments, Praise God
Difficult Moments, Seek God
Quiet Moments, Worship God
Painful Moments, Trust God
Every Moment, thank God

Worship is …a discipline to be cultivated

Jesus said ” Worship the Lord Your God” ( Matthew 4:10). To worship God throughout a lifetime requires discipline. Without discipline, our worship of GOD will be thin and inconsistent.

When I say that worship is FOCUSING on and responding to God, I hope to convey my conviction that true worship is always covered with heartprints. Worship can’t be diagramed or calculated, for it is the response of a heart in love with God. And yet, we also must be able to think of worshipe as a Discipline, a Discipline that must be cultivated just as all relationships must be to remain healthy and grow.

Worship is a Spiritual Discipline- insofar as it is both an end and a means. The Worship of God is an end in itself because worship, as we’ve defined it, is to focus on and respond to GOD.

There is no higher goal than focusing on and responding to God. But Worship is also a means in the sense that it is a means to GODLINESS. The more truly we worship GOD, the more we become like HIM.

People become like their focus.

We emulate what we think about. Children pretend they are heroes they dream about. Teenagers dress like the sports stars or popular musicians they devote so much attention to. But the tendencies don’t disappear when we become adults.
Those who concentrate on „making it on the top” read the books of those ” at the top”, then copy their business style and personal habits. To illustrate the point on more crude level, those who focus on pornography mimic what they see. FOCUSING on the world more than on the LORD make us more worldly than Godly.

But if we would be Godly, we must focus on GOD. Godliness requires, disciplined worship.

Describing modern man! – one has written :
He worship his work
Work at his play,
And plays at his worship„.
In defiance of this, will you cultivate the Discipline of worship?

Idei scrise din cartea ” Spiritual disciplines for The Christian Life…and
Ten Questions to Diagnose your Spiritual Health”
de Donald S. Whitney


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