marturisirea – o actiune DUBLA

„it’s not the sentiments
of men
which make History
but..their actions”
Norman Mailer
– 1923- 2007-

The Double-Whammy

I want everybody I meet to meet Jesus.!! I want to see their lives transformed by Christ. But I don’t think we’re called to convert people. We’re called to serve people. When you come to convert, people put up walls. I’m certainly not saying you shouldn’t share your faith. Of course you share what is most important to you with others. It’s only natural. But when you do that without relationship I think it can be counter-productive. Not always. But sometimes.

Paul gave us a great modus operandi in I Thesalonnians 2:8:

We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.

We need to share the gospel and share our lives. That is the double-whammy! When you share your life and serve people, even the highest walls come down. Then people want to hear what we have to say!

Here is the question we ought to ask the people we meet:

how can I serve you?

I cannot save anyone.

But I can serve everyone!

And when we serve people, people get saved.

..aici poti spune un AMIN!


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